Introducing New Undergraduate Execs


Dear Alumni,

As we look forward to the Spring of 2021, I hope everyone is doing well. Although not all brothers will be on campus due to College restrictions, we see positive news every day regarding the rollout of vaccines. I am optimistic that we will be back to normal in the coming days. 

Despite the global pandemic, the current brothers of Zeta Psi have successfully transitioned online, hosting weekly executive and brotherhood meetings via Zoom. Fifteen new brothers were initiated this past winter, and following their initiation, full-year elections took place.

On behalf of the new executive board, I want to thank Norman and his board for their dedicated leadership this past year. As newly elected president, I will work with the previous execs to ensure that our cherished institutional knowledge of Zeta Psi is preserved and maintained for future classes to come.

This term, the new executive board plans to increase brotherhood interaction with our elder chapter to strengthen the relationship between current brothers and alumni. We plan to send out periodic updates and use the technology and virtual format this pandemic has brought to us as an opportunity to interact with our alumni. We welcome guidance and wisdom from elders and encourage all feedback and ideas. 

This upcoming term, 15 brothers will be living at 8 Webster Ave, and we will continue encouraging brothers to live in the House in order to sustain financial visibility. Moreover, we expect to hold the spring rush and look forward to inviting additional new members to Zeta Psi. Our current goal is to have approximately 25 brothers from the Class of 2023. 

The executive board is committed to working with the College to ensure that the House is fully compliant with COVID policies and local guidelines. 

We are excited to navigate the end of this pandemic together and hope to return to Hanover as a full house in the near future!

In TKPhi,

Hwikeun Kim, Phi (President)

Sam Zhang, Alpha Phi (Vice President)

Rahul Kolluri, Gamma (Treasurer)

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