Navigating through COVID-19


Dear Alumni,

In an effort to provide periodic updates to our alumni and foster everlasting brotherhood, I am writing this second update.

Since our last update, we have been working hard to recruit additional brothers. Thanks to our rush chair Ethan Cai, Finn Hulse, and Ryan McClure, we had more than 30 potential new members interested in our house and hosted three fully virtual rush events. The event was an overall success in demonstrating tight-knit brotherhood and the cherished values of Zeta Psi.

After yesterday’s careful deliberation, we are happy to announce that we have offered bids to 13 new members in addition to the 15 brothers we initiated last term. This term’s new member education will be spearheaded by our educators Devon Chen and Peter Reynolds. They will continue the great work they did last term and pass the traditions and secrets of Zeta Psi to this new cohort all virtually. To highlight a few events planned for this term, we will host weekly dinners over Zoom, Kulture, new member meetings, and individual interactions with brothers. We are excited to add them to this phenomenal group following their education and initiation at the end of the term.

Moreover, we are gearing up to get ready for the Class of 2023’s Sophomore Summer. We plan to hold our Summer elections this Friday (4/23). Although the Class of 2022 did not get our Sophomore Summer, some brothers of ‘22 will be joining the ‘23s on campus as well this summer. I am certain that they will enjoy their summer in Hanover and will provide a lot more exciting updates than my updates, so be on the lookout for that.

The rest of the brotherhood continues to navigate through the term in this ever-changing environment. We continue to hold our weekly executive and brotherhood meetings via Zoom, along with brotherhood movie nights and continuing our service to the local community. We are currently planning on hosting a joint meeting with the current brothers, new members, and our alumni. We will provide more information in the near future.

We are both thrilled and nervous to see what life on campus will be post-pandemic, but we believe that the Psi Epsilon chapter of Zeta Psi will come back to campus stronger than ever.

In TKPhi,

Hwikeun Kim, Phi (President)

On Behalf of the Undergraduates

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